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We have student and learners from all ages, walks of life, races and religions. The aim is to provide you with the best possible service and we are committed to give you just that. Individual attention custom to your wants and needs is given to each student.

Mostly all of our students have been with us at least a year in length and some are in their 3rd year of study or more. We have held concerts each year to show progress of our learners and give them the oppertunity to be exposed to performing with others and infront of an audience. By far the majority of them shined at competitions and individual goals. We have young and old which only needed and wanted personal satisfaction and enjoyment from the lessons. Please refer to our testimonial page. Students also specifically enjoy the vocal lessons with fun and entertaining lessons.

Our guitar learners love the versatile and modern way we present and teach the classes with a lot of contemporary and modern material. For the younger students as well as the adults, they also enjoy the unique method of explaining sheet music. Our techniques are certain to imprint the necessary information on you to insure a long lasting musical experience.

We have not failed to teach the most challenging student as yet. You could be our next challenge! May we excel in your expectations.

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