Musical Minds Terms and Conditions and Payment

Should the applicant wish to cancel the contract before the 12 month period has expired; the following cancellation conditions will apply and be valid:
  1. One calendar months’ notice must be paid in advance. November may not be used as a cancellation month.
  2. One calendar months formal written notice must be given in advance.
  3. Musical Minds ends the contract (See No 11)
  4. Fees are charged for tutoring the agreed instrument/s on the agreed timeslot/s.
  5. Musical Minds are open and will perform tutoring from 8:00am until 7:00pm Mondays to Thursdays and from 8:00am until 16:00pm on Fridays.  We are open from January until November.  December fees are still payable due to the 4 months in a year that has 5 weeks and those lessons are received during the year and because this is a 12 month contract, the fees are devided in 12 months. We will be closed during school and public holidays.
  6. Fees are charged at R500.00 (Five hundred rand) for 30 min weekly.  (Thirty minutes once a week.) OR if you prefer a double session, then it will be R1000 (One thousand rand) for 1 hour per week (1 hour once a week)
  7. Standard tutoring time is 30 minutes once a week, but could vary depending on applicant’s individual agreement.  
  8. A registration fee of R250.00 (Two hundred and fifthy rand) for the single session or R500 (Five hundred) for the double session, is payable on the tutoring commencement date AND in the beginning of February each year.
  9. The fees are payable in advance every month.
  10. The fees are strictly payable each month before the 1st.
  11. The applicant may cancel the contract only by given at least one calendar months’ notice in advance.  Notice may be given by Musical Minds to the applicant if the fees are not paid up to date or paid on time according to the agreement.  Notice may also be given to the applicant if the student/applicant is disruptive or neglect to follow instruction from the tutor.  Musical Minds reserves the right to permanently cancel the contract based solely on their own discretion.
  12. No cheque payments are accepted.
  13. The applicant gives full permission to Musical Minds to use their information and musical process on their website or other digital mediums.
  14. The applicant agrees that the student / applicant will execute and perform assignments, exercises or homework and undertakes to complete and practice such work timeously every week. Please note that this forms an integral part for achieving success.
  15. The student undertakes to assist the Tutor in identifying problem areas in which the student wants or needs more attention.
  16. If a students is unable to attend a lesson for whatsoever reason. Please note that the student forfeits the lesson in such an event.
  17. If Musical Minds cancel a tutoring lesson; that lesson will not be forfeited and will be given on another agreed time. 
  18. Musical Minds will be closed on Public and School Holidays.
  19. No temporary cancellations will be accepted. (Skipping a month or two)
  20. Musical Minds are closing during the month of December during the school holiday.
  21. The applicant commits to pay the December fee regardless of the commencement date.
  22. If for whatever reason a lesson was unsatisfactory, we request a formal written complaint. Lessons/tutoring/advise are given at the discretion of Musical Minds and the student/applicant accepts this unconditionally.
  23. Please remember that the January payment and February registration fee is due before the 3rd of the New Year.
  24. This contract and all the terms and conditions are valid upon signing this document and will be enforced until the contract period of 12 months end or contractual notice is given by either party.
  25. Be advised that our fee will increase every year at our own discretion.
Please read the information diligently.
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